Anastatia Pete


The Pete’s are a new family to the 13 ward, Charles Pete a twice widowed gentlemen was only able to offered the cost of moving his distillery here 3 years ago in 3888, sadly he passed away 2 years ago he is survived by his son Winston Pete by his first wife and twins Anastia and Jeremy Pete by his second.

Winston the oldest son was born 3899 age 30 and is known as a cold and distant man who recently has been risking the business in attempts to become even more well off. Winston left for the military at age 16 and only returned after his fathers death. Sadly Winston has been missing for 2 weeks and this has placed the family in a bad location.
Winston has Anastatia and Jeremey trapped while their life in the Thirteenth ward and University District is nice it only lasts so long as Winston allows and while they could leave him they would find life extremely difficult and would most definitely find themselves leaving in a lower ward in even worse conditions then they are now.

Anastatia Pete was able to pass the entrance exams into the university and is currently 3 years into her 4 year program in Accounting. Winston has been very insistent that Anastatia stay and complete school, while not a small expense having a family member in the University Ward would do wonders for the ability to market their product not to mention the fact that a potential member of the Accounts Guild or College professor would open up marriage opportunities immensely, or even keeping an accountant he does not have to pay around may be worth it. No matter what Anastatia wishes Winston would have to approve any respectable marriage and he has used this to control Anastatia.


Anastatia Pete

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