Legends speak of time when the Naither did not exist, legends also speak of time man walked on the moon of strangely they don’t mention which on one, but other legends claim the lesser moon was made by elves so who knows. Let us just say the less spoken of such things, that never wore the better it is for all our reputations.
Air is composed of 3 levels the Naither around 2 miles deep at the equator to less than a mile as one approaches the poles, the Aether above it and the zone where the two mix, sometimes violently. Man and women prefer the Aether where they can breathe fully and the sun lies on their skin, but only the richest and luckiest are blessed with that.
The zone is a region between 20 and 50 feet where the Aether and Naither mix, this creates a charged zone that allows for airships to fly and be powered and energy captured in the great cities. However it also creates the dead zone for where the Aether the Naither and earth meet the furry of the gods is unleashed and lightning strikes kill anything foolish enough to attempt to live in that area. This range is not stable or consistent in most areas the dead zone covers between 100 and 300 feet and during storms may extend another 200 feet. Where the zone meets land long tunnels often over 2 miles long allow goods to pass through safely, however even in the tunnels they are limited in size by the reaction of the Aether and Naither and are no more than 20 by 20 openings where the electrical discharges can be safely controlled. (one can attempt to run across the dead zone on a good day only about a 1% chance of being struck by lightning on a bad day it can be as high as 95% most days you have about a 20% chance of being struck)
The Naither corrupts man and most plants twisting them from their natural form making them less if not other than they once were. Well not all some fungus seem to be able to grow with just a bit of water and pull almost all their nutrients from the air or at least Naither that they need. However eating these plants or anything grown in the Naither brings with it its own risks both long and short term. It should be noted that those plants those fungi growing from the Naither appear unable to handle sunlight and rabidly rot if exposed to even the least amount of sunlight or most eclectic lights for that matter. Lastly the Naither allows for radiant power, electricity to travel through the air, outside of the Naither well at least in the Aether power is not so easily disbursed.
Most of Humanity lives within the great cities of the world, these cities stretch in places from sea level to over 2 miles tall. With the rulers living above the Naither above the zone in the Aether and the least living deep within the bowels of the cities harvesting mushrooms and never seeing the light of day. Even among the more well to do many people never leave the city they were born in.

Food: Most people in the great cities rely at least partial on the mushroom farmers for food, the most common Mushroom is Sycelium which may be eaten raw, not without some affects though. And when processed has a minimal effect on most people. Sycelium grows incredibly fast in the dark and a 10 by 10 by 10 area dedicated to its growth can feed 15 people unprocessed and up to 10 people when processed into Mela.

For those of the Freeman class the goal is live in the 13 ward, the only better places would be in the Merchant University or Noble areas of the city. The most skilled the richest and the luckiest live here.
Its population density is about ½ any of the lower wards, and actually has parks where one can gather outside if the weather is permitting.
i. Ward 13 the luxury ward composed of 3 circles each around 200 feet tall the 2nd terrace in this case about ½ a mile across is where most luxury items are made, the very best crafters of all types are allowed to live and set up here and while not as nice as the noble quarters or even the merchants ward it is far nicer than the rest of the Wards and people work hard to live and stay here. And while the Warrens extend to the 13 ward the area is more an unregulated underworld to serve the needs of those with money and is far safer and nicer than what is found lower in the city. It is also the only Ward with public parks outside the city walls that people can enjoy. Most wards the upper circle is the most prestige place to live, but with the public gardens and open areas most people wish to live in the lower circle of Ward 13.

Key Players

Pc will be playing one of the key people, feel free to shift gender and tweak story on these characters but keep the theme intact as they will tie into the story. If possible the Anastatia Pete, Jeremey Pete and Constable Alton Monrow should be played as their backgrounds and skills are key to the stories. The additional characters will prove helpful but are not needed.

Law in the 13 ward is not based on low, mid, high but
Ward: Laws dealing with a ward and its actions seldom applied to nobles
Privy: Laws passed by the privy council affects the entire city, Nobles are expected to follow but seldom enforced unless the violation is sever.
Kings: Laws mandated by the king or crown, most assault etc. laws fall here; these laws are enforced on everyone except for the royal family and even then except for the king may be enforced

13th Ward Mysteries